Welcome to PowerShell Explained. Here is a collection of popular resources I have created to explain the way PowerShell works.

Recent Articles

Here are the most recent articles that have been posted to the site.

Language Reference Pages

These articles first introduce a basic PowerShell language feature, show how to use it, and then dives deeper and deeper into the topic. They will have something for all skill levels and were designed for you to return to over and over as your PowerShell skills improve.

Doing stuff with PowerShell

In this collection of articles, I cover specific tasks that can be performed with PowerShell. These are the common things that you will run into as you start to use PowerShell. The more advanced topics can be found by using the links in the more section.


There are many more articles that I have written that contain information that is just as valuable as those featured on the front page. Please use these links to access the rest of my content.


PowerShell is a large topic and you will run into questions that I have not covered on this site. Here are a few communities that can help you.

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