Here is a breakdown of all the posts and other Powershell projects that I worked on this month.

Personal/Community efforts

These are the projects and idea that I do on my own time for the community. Most of my personal projects are published on this blog or as a contribution on GitHub.

  • Answered a call for speakers request and got myself on the list for presenting in September on my PSGraph module
  • Reached out to the ATX PowerShell group to possibly give them the same presentation
  • I reverse engineered the advanced features of Gherkin
  • Wrote blog post on Advanced Gherkin Features
  • Started working with the new graph database engine in SQL 2017 to see how I could use it with PSGraph
  • Loaded my first docker local container on Windows 10
  • Wrote blog post on SQL: Running SQL 2017 CTP 2.0 in Docker
  • Wrote blog post on Installing remote software
  • Spent a lot of time experimenting with and studying the nuances of exceptions
  • Wrote blog post on Everything you wanted to know about exceptions
  • Wrote blog post on All .Net 4.6 Exceptions List
  • I wrote a templating process that mimics the way Plater processes template files because it reminded me of ASP classic and felt like an interesting challenge
  • Tracked down an interesting bug in xRemoteFile

Work/Consulting efforts

I also put a lot of time into Powershell projects outside of my published community efforts. Some of these are hard to explain out of context.

  • Built a universal coalescing function to allow us to merge JSON documents
  • Implemented a templating system for our JSON documents
  • Implemented dynamic tokenizing for our JSON templates

What have you done?

I was inspired to write this post because every month the /r/Powershell community has this discussion. Please stop by and join us to share your projects. What have you done with PowerShell this month? March 2017

Previous months

I did this same recap last month.